Sunday, 28 January 2018

A little taste of South Africa

On a wet rainy day like today, when I'm looking out for inspiration for something to paint in the studio, all I need to do is check out my sister's instagram account (@poesy_by_sophie) which is full of beautiful photographs taken during her trips and adventures in Africa. A few weeks ago I found a gorgeous picture taken at the Citrusdal farm in South Africa and couldn't resist trying to depict the patches of light with paint. Here is the result below:

A glass of wine in the shade - Waterfall Farm Citrusdal - South Africa  oil on board 10"x10"



I've included below a few steps for those who like to see my process:

The finished painting

I'm saving this painting for a group show that will happen later this year London and which might well be the most exciting event of the year! (well at least for me!). I'll do a post about it very soon but all I can say now is save the date 16-20 October 2018!

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I hope you have a wonderful week!


  1. A little Taste of South Africa, its amazing how you started it and end result is just looks fantastic.