Thursday, 26 June 2014

Sydney Gardens

Before talking about my latest painting expedition, I just wanted to thank everybody for the interest and support for my current Painting summer sale. My Facebook page followers number has doubled overnight so welcome everybody who joined. (Click here to follow me on Facebook)

My summer sale is still on until the end of July. It is simply 15% off all prices shown on Send me an email at to purchase a painting. (More details here). The two paintings below are joining the sale too...

Here is a painting done at my favourite place in Bath, Sydney Gardens. I love it there. I could almost set up a tent there and paint for a whole year and still be inspired! It was a beautiful sunny day and plenty of friendly people passing by.  

Sydney Gardens bridge - lunchtime in the summer  16"x9" oil on board

My set up towards the end



I actually painted at the exact same spot 2 years ago. See the painting here.

Afterwards, I went looking for an other spot to paint and got inspired by the view towards Larkhall with the railway bridge in the foreground. It was quite overcast by that time which made all the greens turn into lovely shades of greyish-blues. 

Picnic for two at Sydney Gardens  12"x10" oil on board

Below is my initial sketch which is as much drawing as I would ever do for a painting as I'm always eager to get my paints out.

My painting towards the end

I added this couple having a picnic on the grass, but decided to change the T-shirt from red to blue as it was standing out too much. I also moved them further as otherwise they would have been out of the canvas. Meanwhile they were happily eating, blissfully unaware!


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