Sunday, 23 July 2017

Pink peonies

I haven't painted flowers for many years but recently got the urge for it. I set up in my studio and painted the same peonies over three days to watch them get bigger and gradually more open. Or maybe I just like to get my money's worth! Either way, here is the result:

Day 1 - I set up the flowers in the day in the studio with a mix of natural and artificial light:

Pink peonies (1) - 10"x10" oil on board
Available for sale here

I set up a grey background as I thought it would go nicely with the pink of the flowers. This happened to be my husband's golf jumper which had the perfect grey I was looking for. He probably won't be super pleased to find out I used it in a studio full of paints... But maybe he won't read my blog? Let's see! 

In progress...

Towards the end

I think in this series of paintings, I enjoyed painting the vase as much as the flowers. The subtle reflections on the glass were so satisfactory to paint.

Detail of the finished painting

Day 2 - I painted in the studio with only natural light in a contre-jour effect:

I wanted to capture a bit of the garden in the background and light coming from behind the vase to make it lighter.

In progress...

In progress...

Detail of the finished painting

Day 3 - Set up in the studio in the evening with artificial light only, which explains the warmer feel about it:

Pink peonies (3) - 10"x10"  oil on board
Available for sale here

The set up. No golf jumper in sight this time. Didn't want to push my luck...


I really enjoyed painting these, and will do it again with an other bunch as soon as I get the chance. 

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